Cerberus black

Price: 139 EUR


CerberusЦербер - is defined as versatile combat knife with a wide range of applications, which has been developed on the basis of requirements on rearmament of the Mechanized infantry.

Cerberus, in Greek mythology, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld.

In fact the knife Cerberus is the old Spartan knife Xiphos, widely used by the ancient Greeks that was brought to perfection for close combat by the elite Spartan troops during the Greco-Persian Wars.


Part # 02080
Total length 310±25 mm
Blade length 185±15 mm
Blade thickness 4.8 mm
Steel/material Corrosion-resistant steel 57-59 HRC
Blade coating Stonewash black
Handle Elastron
Sheath Genuine leather, ABS polymer cartridge




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