Ochotnik Damascus

Price: 1588 EUR

Ochotnik Damascus

Knife OchotnikОхотник - Knife Hunter - Elite LUXURY product - this knife is manufactured only under individual order. Behind every work is the name of the master from the company OOO PP Kizlyar.


The Hunter knife represents old traditions of the Elite Aristocratic hunting creations of the Imperial era. Composition: the motif of hunter and prey, bas-relief on the scabbard and on the knife head and guard, ornamental elements of oak leaves and acorns, silvered.


Handmade. Scabbard, knife guard and head: silvered bronze. 


Author:  Borovikov A..

Part # ---
Total length 310 mm
Blade length 185 mm
Blade thickness 4.6 mm
Steel/material Damascus steel 60-62 HRC

Black wood - Ebony, Brass, Silver

Sheath Brass, Silver





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