Wolf Damascus

Price: 719 EUR

Wolf Damascus

Knife Wolf - Волк - Forest Series - Elite product. Behind every work is the name of the master from the company OOO PP Kizlyar.


Knife Wolf is a Classic massive hunting knife with the blade in the geometry of wolf fang.

100% handmade. The statuette “Leader of the pack” - Attacking Wolf - is depicted in details on the Head of the knife Handle. 

Silver processed with the special and very valuable technology of blackening of Silver - Niello. With this technology, a stronger relief pattern is obtained on the silver surface.

The price of work depends on the complexity and the level of the master. And of course the price of blacked silver is always higher than the price of ordinary silver.


Author: Achmedov O. M.

Part # 09002
Total length 295 mm
Blade length 166 mm
Blade thickness 5.4 mm
Steel/material Damascus steel 59-60 HRC

Black wood - Ebony, bronze, silver

Sheath Genuine leather




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