Price: 53 EUR


Knife Chancellor - Канцлер - knife was originally designed for the office environment - an elegant shape with a narrow blade to fulfill basic tasks such as opening envelopes, packages and a wide range of auxiliary tasks in the office. 


The knife quickly found its use outside the closed environment because of that the Kizlyar Company has equipped the knife with a practical clip on the case and the thickness of the blade increased to 3.6 mm.


Knife Chancellor thus became a working knife for all tasks in everyday life – for  mushroom pickers, tourists to prepare food and even hunters for tasks that require precise work.


Part # 03047
Total length 210 mm
Blade length 100 mm
Blade thickness 3.6 mm
Steel/material Corrosion-resistant steel 57-59 HRC

Caucasian walnut wood

Sheath Genuine leather




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