Phoenix Combat

Price: 188 EUR

Phoenix Combat

Fenix Combat - Феникс-Комбат - knife that has indestructible construction, pure 6 mm steel. Textolit handle - material with the exceptional durability.

Blade coating: Black Chrome  - chrome is applied in several phases: the first layer - copper, the second - white chrome, the third layer - black chrome.
Black chrome gives important quality: the blade does not reflect light (the light reflection in the visible spectrum is 2%, while in the infrared - less than 1%). Therefore, the coating eliminates the unwanted reflections of a blade.


Part # 01077
Total length 336 mm
Blade length 207 mm
Blade thickness 5.4 mm
Steel/material Carbon steel U8 58-59 HRC
Blade coating Black chrome
Handle Textolit
Sheath Genuine leather




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