Predator X12MF

Price: 170 EUR

Predator X12MF

Knife Predator Х12МФ - Хищник Х12МФ - Hand forged Knife that depicts image of attacking lion. Hand-crafted work.

The Predator knife is a more massive version of the popular U-7 knife, which was originally developed for the fishing community. The popularity of the knife in the hunting community has led the Kizlyar Company to create a more powerful hunting version.

Steel Х12МФ - the best from Kizlyar, steel with extraordinary stable cutting properties. Premium wood handle - black hornbeam that is used for manufacturing expensive author's knives.

Part # 10016
Total length 270 mm
Blade length 136 mm
Blade thickness 4.2 mm
Steel/material Steel Х12МФ 58-60 HRC

Black hornbeam wood, brass

Sheath Genuine leather




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